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Food, wonderful Food...!


What would the (wolfs)world be without all the wonderful things to eat and drink! Find some of the house recipes in this new section and stay tuned for more as I will add good ideas as they get cooked up in the kitchen...

Tunes - now ready for the Apple World


The 'Tunes' site had been relying on an MP3 player that's based on Adobe's Flash-player technology. Worked fine with PC users, but would not work on the MACs, iPads, iPhones etc...

So I updated the code to implement a javascript/jquery based player and - voila! - now everybody should be able to listen to my tunes to their hearts content... Hahaha!

Finally cleaned up this page!


It was about time to take a big broom and clean up this page. Now that its done I hope I can keep up with the resolution to keep it fresh and up-to-date!


This is the website of Wolf Hubertus von Bistram. This is the place where friends and foes can find me - in case they are looking. This is my place apart from Facebook and LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr, 360 and 24/7.

This is where my homemade stuff is. This is where a lot of old stuff resides. This is my drawer at the bottom - the drawer rarely opened.

This is the site for once in a while. Welcome and enjoy!




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