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hopf1_120Hobby #1 since I can think: making music - or whatever sounds to me like music anyway. Any instrument will do and my curiosity about the instruments itself equals my interest and excitement about whatever sounds it makes.

keys1_120Throughout my childhood the most intriguing thing was the piano in our neighbours family room. No greater joy than being alone in there and exploring the keys, trying to put a chord together and see what those 3 pedals are good for. A friend had showed me a c- and an a-minor-chord and the obligatory recorder class I had to take like all the other kids in our small town had left me with just enough knowledge about some very simple scales to make my first piano trials sound just a wee bit better than a cat walking the keyboard.

takamine1_120strat1_120While my piano skills never went far, I got my first guitar when I was 13 and I never got tired playing it since. A small episode of classical training at the age of 17 revealed that I would instantly loose any joy in playing the very moment homework gets in the mix - so I quit classes and the fun immediately returned! And that's what it has been ever since: fun. No further ambition. Fun on 6 strings, fun on 12 strings, fun on 4 strings, fun on accoustic and electric Guitar, fun on the Bass, the Ukulele, the Mandolin...(did I mention the old egg slicer?).

mixer1_120I also started experimenting with recording - first on a small multi-track tape recorder and eventually with digital recording using a computer. The recording thing is still a work in (slow) progress - there is a lot to learn about it and it is in itself a craft that does not really lent itself to improvisation. However, when I find the time I like to work on it and some of the results are in the playlists to the left. Hope you enjoy!

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